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Real estate

Do you want to sell your house or duplex and is looking for a service that fit your needs. Don’t want to pay an expensive fee to get the job done. We make readily available to our user real estate platform. With a click of a button, you can enlist your home. If you’re not selling your home but is wanting to buy, check out our homes for sales.

Job listing

If you’re looking for an employment and would like to create a portfolio consisting of your salary and skills. Use afrosales app and website. Our goal is to allow the community to hire within the community keeping the dollars in the community. If Your African descendant and would love to hire within the community look no farther.


Enlist your business in our directory. You can add jingles, video, and pictures to display your business excellence. You must be an African descendant to sell on our platform. All nationality is welcome to buy. We serve all nationality. Clients can rate our business proficiency. Our services make easy to identify quality customer service.

Grocery shopping

Let us do the shopping for you at grocer within the community, for a fee of 12 dollars. We help those that are disable or elderly get proper meal plan. Members can pay at the door. Policy is that missed payment will deactivate account until payment is made in full. We encourage you tip the drivers for their hard work. Community we currently serve is Ottawa, Ontario Nepean.

You will find our services in the app called afrosale. Download it to offer or find the service that interests you.

If you are a civil engineer or civil worker, we encourage you to use our website. We make available the cases in the community that need to be resolve as infrastructure construction. If you are the public, make a complaint of community development. https://afrosaconfederation.pardnas.ca/complaints. Donate to make available funds for the construction of community development.


Feel free to contact us for any questions and doubts​

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